An Immersive Educational and Entertainment Experience 

Help us bring the past to life like never before!

We're on a mission to create an amazing Interactive 360° Virtual Dinosaur Museum – an original online experience that will be accessed via computer, handheld devices or VR headsets. A fun educational experience filled with interactive multimedia content, perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

Our Vision

Our vision starts with an interactive 360° Virtual Tour reminiscent of Google Earth but packed with interactive and multimedia elements that are both engaging and fun, almost video game like.  ​Learning about dinosaurs shouldn't be limited to textbooks or to those who can afford to visit a physical museum. We are creating an affordable, exciting, and educational experience that is available to everyone, anywhere, and at any time via the internet. It's about sparking curiosity in the minds of young learners and dinosaur enthusiasts alike, immersing them in a journey of discovery that is as thrilling as it is informative!

Meet Madison

Educational Entertainment

Our Interactive 360° Virtual Dinosaur Museum will offer a unique educational and entertaining experience. Dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages can enhance their knowledge in a fun, engaging way. This is particularly beneficial for children, who learn best when education is combined with entertainment.

Interactive Engagement

Imagine having the ability to explore dinosaurs in 3D space, orbiting their gigantic bodies from all angles, getting an up-close and personal encounter like never before. Visitors will watch th​em come alive through triggered animations and take on exciting multiple-choice quizzes within the 360° environment. The quizzes will be hosted by engaging avatar tour guides, making learning not only enriching but truly entertaining.

Preservation and Appreciation of History

By bringing dinosaurs to life in an interactive, 3D format, we encourage a greater understanding and appreciation of these magnificent creatures and the era they ruled. Supporters play a key role in making this happen.

Meet The Developer

Hello and thank you for your attention! My name is Erik Del Villar and In 2016, my journey began in a place you might not immediately associate with dinosaur tours: the world of 3D Character Creation/Animation. As a creator of 3D avatars for internet marketers, I realized there was a void that needed to be filled - the avatars being used lacked life and authenticity, thus diminishing the impact of their business messages. I saw an opportunity to provide a unique, enhanced solution.

Over time, the path of creating high-quality 3D avatars led me to unexpected terrains in the AI, VR, AR and Metaverse industries. Since April of 2019, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with three innovative startup companies, all focused on producing interactive and realistic avatars for varied applications such as information kiosks, coding education, and a metaverse experience.

These collaborations, which immersed me deeply into the cutting-edge technologies and creative processes, ignited an idea within me. I envisioned harnessing the power of gaming technology and combining it with interactive 360° virtual tours to create something for businesses to ease their way into learning about and eventually adopting the metaverse for marketing use. Combining these technologies, we can extract all the fun stuff from the metaverse experience and create something highly engaging and practical. While developing our FIRST EXPERIENCE , I wanted to include virtual and gaming attractions that were genuinely family friendly.

That's how the Interactive 360° Virtual Dinosaur Museum was born.

In its essence, this project is a synthesis of my six-year journey across industries. It is a manifestation of my learnings, my experiences, and my passion for technology-driven innovation. It brings together the most compelling aspects of a metaverse experience - a sense of presence and immersion - into an accessible, educational, and enthralling platform.

As I share this vision with you, I invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can contribute to a new era of learning and entertainment, making education not just accessible, but fun and truly alive!

The Benefits: